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PRINCETON, NJ (August 31, 2010) -- Considering joining the ranks of the self-employed?

You’re not alone -- many driven, ambitious people dream of becoming independently employed. The trick is finding a niche that answers consumer demand. For those who love to travel, Crown Cruise Vacations offers just such an opportunity: to become a home-based travel agent and own a home based travel business.

The CCVAdvantage program allows entrepreneurs the chance to enjoy working independently, while still providing the crucial support necessary to become successful and keeping these new agents from working by themselves.

The travel industry is a challenging one, but it can be a profitable one for independent-minded agents. The key is finding the hosting program that fits an agent’s specific needs. CCVAdvantage is a program that is ideal for agents who sell primarily leisure travel products and who focus on cruises, tours and all-inclusive resort stays.

Many agents enjoy the independence that a hosting program provides. Nancy D’Andrea of Topsail Cruises in New Jersey is a long time veteran of the travel industry and has worked with the CCVAdvantage program for the past two years. “The CCVAdvantage team does not tell me when I have to work or what I need to sell. I run my business my way. And should I need to leave my home office for a length of time, say for a vacation, I can tell my clients to call the CCV Advantage team for assistance.”

A good hosting program provides more than independence, however, and service and support is also a key factor to making the CCVAdvantage program work for its agents. “I have worked with other large agencies and they cannot hold a candle to the assistance I receive from the CCVAdvantage program.   From research to invoicing to ticketing, they can answer all of my questions concerning a reservation,” D’Andrea said.

Training and Marketing Support also help agents grow their business on a day-to-day level, increasing product knowledge and helping them target potential clients more effectively. “Without training and marketing support, many independent travel agents find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Thanks to our weekly training opportunities and personalized marketing consultations, we work to provide every agent with every possible tool necessary for success,” said Roger Poulard, CCVAdvantage Director.

The CCVAdvantage program will be hosting a pair of web events on Wednesday, September 1, at noon and 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. These webinars will help prospective agents learn more about the travel agent industry and specifically about the benefits of using a host agency program. To RSVP for these events, visit the website at or contact Roger Poulard, CCVAdvantage Director at 877-283-1114 ext 7019.

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About Crown Cruise Vacations
Great value and unparalleled service are the cornerstones of Crown Cruise Vacations. These attributes are combined with the use of modern technology to power their success and thrive in the competitive vacation travel marketplace. 

Based in Princeton, NJ, Crown Cruise Vacations specialists are comprised of a unique team of experienced, accredited travel agents and managers. Each vacation specialist has an average of 10 years selling leisure travel designed to delight clients as they take dream vacations. 

About CCVAdvantage
This affiliation program for independent travel agents is part of the Crown Cruise Vacations family, based in Princeton, NJ. The CCVAdvantage program offers travel agents the opportunity to work with a large agency and enjoy many of the same benefits that the bigger players in the industry have, while still maintaining the independence and freedom of running their own business.

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