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PRINCETON, N.J. (April 21, 2010)
Current financial analyses show that the economy is in the process of “bouncing back” and employment rates are once again beginning to rise. This is very good news for a large number of job seekers across the country. However, most people-- both employed and unemployed-- will tell you they’ve learned a valuable lesson during the recent economic downturn:  no job is truly safe.
With this thought in mind, more and more prudent people are looking for an employment “back-up plan” or means of secondary income. One of the best options currently available is employment in the travel industry.
Considering becoming a travel professional?  Crown Cruise Vacations offers some compelling reasons to explore the possibility:

  • Travel planning can be done from your home office, full time or part time, or for that matter anywhere in the world that has Internet and phone service.
  • Earning potential in this field is high for a motivated agent. A 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics report states that the top 10 percent of travel professionals earned more than $47,860 annually. It’s not unheard of for an experienced agent to make $85,000+ on a part-time basis.


  • Who does not have friends that travel? Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you can be there to assist your family and friends with booking hotels, cars, cruises, tours and other travel needs, not to mention the ability to put together group travel. We all have access to groups if we think about the groups we belong to, such as social Facebook sites, churches, alumni associations, bachelor and bachelorette parties in resort areas… and on and on.

And for those agents who produce sales in excess of $10,000 per year there are additional incentives to join this growing industry.

  • Travel agents get travel benefits, such as discounted rates for transportation and lodging. This translates to a “living beyond your means” perk -- plan dream vacations for a small percentage of what the public pays.


  • Agents are sometimes involved in familiarization, or “fam” trips, often at a lower cost or no cost, to learn about diverse vacation sites.

Here’s what to expect if you’re interested in becoming a Travel Agent:

Travel agents assist travelers by sorting through vast amounts of information to find the trip best suited to their client’s particular needs. A travel agent must be resourceful and internet-savvy to utilize the mountains of information available when it comes to booking the perfect vacation. Many agents choose to specialize their travel work for this specific reason.

A travel agent is the resident expert in all things regarding the client’s destination. Be prepared to offer advice and ideas on things ranging from car rentals, flights, accommodations, and tours and activities. Also expect to dig up information on things like the area’s weather patterns, local attractions, travel advisories and currency exchange. If your client is traveling internationally, your will also be expected to provide current information about required documentation (e.g., passports and visas).

Does this sound like the perfect opportunity to change occupation or increase your current income? Crown Cruise Vacations is pleased to offer this “side job” opportunity that has the potential to allow you to live like a millionaire, even if you never become one.

How does this work?  Simply visit or call Roger at  877-283-1114 ext. 7019

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