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Crown Cruise Vacations Offers Sophisticated Search Tool for Alaska Cruises and Tours

PRINCETON, N.J. (March 16, 2010) –Are the terms “cruise” and “cruise tour” interchangeable? Many consumers think so, but the Crown Cruise Vacations Alaska specialists say it is not so. “A standard cruise is very different from a cruise tour,” says Ross Spalding, President of Crown Cruise Vacations. “When booking an Alaskan cruise or tour, it’s crucial to know the difference, or you may not end up with the experience you want.”

Cruise lines specializing in Alaskan cruises and cruise tours provide both options, so let’s take a moment to define them:

A cruise is the sea voyage you book and it may or may not include Glacier Bay, which contains 16 glaciers, 12 of which reach shorelines and calved to produce icebergs. It encompasses your time on the ship and in the various ports of call throughout your itinerary. Cruises tend to be a relaxing, “move at your own pace” experience, where you can do as much or as little as you desire. If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation, a cruise is your best bet. You can experience a taste of Alaska with some of the optional shore excursions, but it not necessarily an in-depth, rugged experience.

A cruise tour is a different experience. While it does include the ship travel aspect of a cruise, it also incorporates a land tour package of your choice. Cruise tours are for travelers who are not content to see their cruising regions from aboard the ship or optional shore excursions, and they are especially popular in Alaskan cruises. This gorgeous area’s ecosystems, culture and history lend themselves to investigation and exploration. If travelers want to leave the ship during the vacation experience, sometimes for several days, and explore their surroundings more thoroughly, then a cruise tour might be the way to go.

Crown Cruise has made the search for an ideal vacation easier with its simple search tool. On the home page, consumers can run a ‘Cruise Search’ or a ‘Tour Search.’

Spalding’s tips for those considering Alaska are:

  1. Think about the amount of time you would like to spend on your adventure to Alaska – cruise tours are offered from 10 to 20 days. If you are looking for a rugged land tour, a short cruise and a long tour is the perfect way to go.


  1. Be there to experience The Northern Lights (officially known as the aurora borealis, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas). They are a breathtaking phenomenon occurring in the night sky that is caused by a combination of solar winds and colliding charged particles. Seen only from the northern hemisphere in the northern part of the sky, this spectacular occurrence of gigantic glowing light masses is truly one of the most amazing natural sights you will likely ever see. Although there is a good chance you will see them between the months of August to October, the best date is September 23rd each year. Cruise available for that date are here: more…….
  1. Take your family – it is one of the richest experiences you and they will ever enjoy. The beauty of Alaska is something you will never forget. Whether it is a cruise or a cruise tour experiencing Denali, Gates of the Arctic, Tombstone, Klondike, Kluane and Kenai, Glacier Bay, Alaska and the Yukon, make this summer memorable for you and your family with an Alaskan cruise tour.

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